PHS at Selfbuild Show!

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Further to the success of our recent attendance at Selfbuild Live Show in Blanchardstown, Dublin, we are happy to announce our attendance at Selfbuild in Limerick, January 2024. Selfbuild Extend & Renovate Live Limerick is the ultimate showcase for people who are building, extending, improving or simply decorating their home. Visitors will benefit from the advice […]

PHS Loft Stairs Hood

loft stairs hood

We are happy to introduce our new airtight product – PHS Loft Stairs Hood. The attic access door is, typically, one of the largest sources of air leakage in your house.  PHS Attic Stair Cover is an easy solution to insulate attic stairs while maintaining easy access to your attic.  Our PHS Loft Stairs Hood […]

Christmas 2022

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We would like to proudly inform you, that in lieu to giving 2022 Christmas presents, Passive House Systems Ireland made contributions to Simon Community and Aware.

Insulation in Ireland

insulation in ireland

In Ireland, we use insulation for a variety of functions. We insulate against sound, heat, wind and even fire. In this post we’ll outline everything you could possibly want or need to know about insulation in Ireland and the EU; We’ll talk about what insulation is, how much money you can save by insulating your house, […]

PHS Solar Panels

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PHS Solar Panels – let us bring sunshine into your lives! Did you know that every hour the Earth is hit with more energy from the Sun than the entire world consumes in a year? Thanks to the availability of SEAI grants for PHS solar panels, solar energy is becoming the primary source of energy […]

MVHR Servicing and Maintenance by PHS

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A proper care for a long lifespan of your MHVR units. Planned maintenance is vital to ensure a flawless running of your ventilation system. While your MVHR system may be under warranty for the first couple of years, it is recommended to keep up a regular maintenance schedule at least once a year. Although some […]

Our Gerband 586 Tape

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We have some exciting news to share this week! One of our best-selling airtightness products has got the new looks: our Gerband 586 tape has changed its hermetic print. This is a very pliable polyethylene tape with an extremely adherent and moisture resistant polyacrylate adhesive with outstanding ageing resistance. It is used for bonding of […]

Loft Stairs and Access doors

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An escape hatch to energy savings! Lot Stairs and Access doors? An unfinished or not properly insulated attic can easily turn into a financially ungrateful space when it comes to considering your home’s energy savings. Oftentimes a staircase or a loft stairs leading to an attic can be particularly susceptible to energy leaking. If you […]

Building regulations in Ireland

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Because you will not come up against the brick wall with us! Building regulations in Ireland? Did you know that buildings are the single largest energy consumer in Europe? Heating, cooling, and domestic hot water account for 80% of the energy that we consume. They are also responsible for approximately 36% energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. […]

Breath in with PHS!

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Dear readers, Breathe in…and let the reading begin! Did you know that the verb ‘ventilate’ has been recorded in English in early 15th century? This word comes from Latin ventilare meaning ‘to brandish, toss in the air, winnow, agitate, set in motion’ – its original notion is of cleaning grain by tossing it in the […]

How Do Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems Work?

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Everyone likes to use renewable sources of energy to reduce the impact on the earth. But, using renewable technology alone will not reduce the carbon footprint. Making use of the already existing technology will lower the impact on the environment. It includes the heat lost to the environment from our homes or commercial space daily. […]

Heat Recovery Ventilation system

blauberg ventilation unit

Heat Recovery Ventilation system are a great way to improve indoor air quality and improve the efficiency of heating and air conditioning systems. While these technologies are not new, their value for a healthy home has increased as energy-efficient construction technologies have improved. Modern homes are designed to be airtight, to improve HVAC performance and […]

50 year Durability Certificate

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Leading airtightness manufacturer Gerband has received 50-year durability certification. Gerband won it from the University of Kassel in Germany for three of its premier airtightness products. The certification got an award for Gerband Sd2 vapour control and airtight membrane, Gerband 586 airtightness tape, and Gerband Fortax 6400 internal adhesive sealant. This certification is a testament […]

Airtightness Tapes

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You can create an efficient airtight design, using airtightness tapes. Many building materials are airtight such as concrete, good quality OSB, plaster, and vapour control layers. The airtightness tapes and materials have to stay connected together to make a continuous layer. You can use Airtightness tapes in a variety of situations. Common uses include: sealing windows […]

Airtightness Testing


Airtightness testing is a vital step if planning to achieve an effective air permeability. Airtightness testing is required under technical guidance document part: L and the test must be carried out by a certified tester to Test Standard IS EN:13829:2000 (Thermal performance of buildings. Determination of air permeability of buildings. Fan pressurization method). The air […]

Window Insulation Tapes

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Using Window Insulation Tapes and achieving a continuous and efficient airtight layer is only half the battle. Thermal bypass (commonly known as wind-washing) can have a detrimental effect on a buildings heating efficiency. Penetration of air into and around the insulating fabric from outside, reduces the performance of the insulation. Air passing through the space from […]

Airtightness Training Course

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Passive House Systems (Registered as Training Providers with Engineers Ireland) are delighted to announce that our Airtightness Training Course now offers structured CIRI CPD. Our Airtightness Training Course benefits designers, builders, and construction students. It covers the following: – The importance of airtightness & vapour control, – The differences between airtightness & wind tightness, – […]

Moisture in buildings

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Moisture complications can be overcome by airtightness, they have been the death of numerous structures, prominent to expensive destruction and painful inside situations. In further delicate situations like clinics and universities, the health influences can even be unsafe. What Causes Moisture Problems? Moisture complications happen when extra dampness collects or develops stuck in a portion of a […]

Airtightness in Timberframe Constructions

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Timber frame construction allows for achievement of excellent levels of air permeability. However, extra  attention has to be given to the design of the airtightness in timber frame, to be effective. Unlike masonry or concrete construction, where inherently airtight materials are used, timber frame construction requires the use of an AVCL (Airtight vapour control layer) membrane, this also has to protect […]

Airtightness Retrofit

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Did you know that by an airtight retrofit home, you can not only identify but also correct the traditional envelope problems of buildings? Unfortunately, conventional products are unable to provide an effective solution to the majority of building’s envelope problems, which include: Vapour drive Non-conventional framing Unventilated attics Air infiltration Benefits of Effective Insulation: There are many […]

Airtightness Product Installation

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Are you looking for airtightness products installation at your home? If yes, you are in the right place. Constructing a building with proper airtightness is a simple straightforward procedure. However, to ensure the best execution of airtightness, you need to take several steps before and during the process of airtightness installation. These steps are:1. The first and the […]

Phonotherm 200 – Insulate and seal with ease

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Phonotherm 200, manufactured by BOSIG in Germany, is perfectly suited for tough jobs and extreme construction work. Its simple design completes the ouststanding features. Phonotherm 200 can be used in the following applications: Damp and wet applications, Bathroom, Kitchen, Gates and doors, Vehicle farming, Windows, Facades and walls, Under floor construction. The special recipe, which consits of PUR-based […]

Passive House Systems Showroom

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Our showroom, located at our office in Ballincollig, is now ready for viewing. We have spent weeks designing and creating a purpose-built house with our Airtightness and Solar PV systems to demonstrate how these products will operate and benefit the building. The model is internally lined with our Gerband SD Control Membrane and sealed with our Gerband 586 Universal Tape. Using […]

We have renamed our “PHS Optima Vario” to “PHS Fusion Variable”

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’PHS Fusion Variable Plus’ is 100% the same product as ‘PHS Optima Vario’, but to facilitate very exciting new product introductions we have changed the name. Same price. Same barcode. Same install instructions. Same colouring and packaging. Same great specification & functionality. Facilitates the introduction of more great are always available to provide product advice and assistance. […]

The Increasingly Popular Timber Inspection Doors

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A poorly insulated and draughty inspection door will result in significant heat loss and potential moisture damage in your attic space. One of our most popular products, the Passive House Systems Timber Inspection Doors, combats this heat loss with it’s 80mm insulation and air permeable seals. With some of the many benefits listed below, it is evident […]

Solar Farms

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Over 80 developments between 2015 and 2018 had been granted planning permission for Solar Farms throughout the Republic of Ireland. However, to date, none of these renewable energy sources are operational. In 2018 it was reported that The Ireland Strategic Investment Fund had partnered with Capital Stage, a Hamburg based solar and wind farm company, […]

Introduction to NZEB

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What 1are Nearly Zero Energy Buildings? Nearly Zero Energy Buildings are defined in the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive (EPBD) as “a very high energy performance… The nearly zero or very low amount of energy required should be covered to a very significant extent by energy from renewable sources, including energy from renewable sources produced […]

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

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Every home needs fresh air for good indoor air quality and the safe operation of combustion appliances. Opening windows and doors teamed with extractor fans was in the past sufficient. To ensure lower energy demands as well as creating a healthy home, it’s important to consider how the house is ventilated. Mechanical ventilation with heat […]

Passive House Institut Certification


We are extremely proud to announce that our products have been recently certified by Passive House Institute in Darmstadt! PHS Sd Variable Membrane, PHS Argo Joining Tape and PHS Ottello Adhesive Sealant are the main components of the PHS Airtightness System!    The Passive House Standard excels due to its extremely high energy savings in comparison with ordinary new constructions. […]