Weather Tightness

Weather Tightness

Weathertightness is the building’s ability to keep water from infiltrating its exterior. The weathertightness of a building is influenced by a variety of elements, including materials, setting, and design.

Condensation control can be ensured with the right design and weathertightness products by preventing a water leak or water entry into a structure. As a result, residents will live in a safe and healthy environment.

It is common knowledge that exterior walls are planned and installed during new building construction to manage water. The four Ds of water management are deflection, drainage, drying, and durability.

The materials required to keep the water out are equally as vital as the design of the walls. Products protect against condensation, mold, and mildew growth on surfaces or building textiles.

Watertight products

These products are made with particular building components, the roof and the exterior of the building, in mind.

Watertight tape: There is a solution for every need with watertight tape. Select a complete adhesive tape for quick and dependable sealing of window and door reveals.

Alternatively, select an expanding foam tape that combines robust foam and a water-resistant binder.

In addition to our waterproof tape, which is resistant to moisture, the aging paper tape also resists temperature changes.

Weather tightness membrane: The PHS 120 Roof & Faรงade Breather Membrane protects against the risk of condensation and offers exceptional resistance to pelting rain.

When used internally, the BOSIG EPDM membrane creates an airtight seal and a vapor barrier, while when used outside, it creates a weathertight seal.