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Weather Tightness

The weathertightness of a building is whether a building can prevent water from penetrating the building envelope. There are multiple factors that influence the weathertightness of a building ie. location, materials and design. With the correct design and Passive House Systems weathertightness products one can be assured that the prevention of a water leak or water penetration into a building will provide condensation control. This will ensure a safe and healthier living environment for occupants.

During the construction of a new building, it is known that external walls are designed and built for managing water. This water management is known as the 4 D’s deflection, drainage, drying and durability. While the design of the walls is important so are the products needed to keep the water out. Passive House Systems products provide a barrier against condensation, mould and mildew growth on surfaces or in between building fabrics.

Weathertight Products

Tapes: Passive House Systems tapes provide a solution to every need. Choose from a full adhesive tape for fast and reliable sealing of window and door reveals or an expanding foam tape that has a combination of resilient foam and water-resistant binder. A paper tape that’s aging and temperature resistant and our waterproof tape that is permanently resistant to moisture.

Penetration Sealing: Our penetration sealing products provide a resistance to overnight condensation, quick drying and are designed to prepare rough and sandy application surfaces.

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