EPDM Membrane - Airtightness & Window Sealings


EPDM Airtightness Membrane

Strip-adhesive and Non-adhesive, creates a complete system with BOSIG Fasatan TFS Adhesive Sealant.

BOSIG EPDM membrane creates a weathertight seal when used externally and an airtight seal & vapour barrier when used internally. The BOSIG EPDM membrane can be bonded to a variety of substrates when used with a suitable adhesive sealant or contact adhesive. We supply non-adhesive and adhesive strip Membranes ranging in width (200 – 300mm) and thickness (0.6mm).

Our BOSIG EPDM membrane can be used to seal windows and doors to the reveal in order to achieve airtightness & vapour control internally or wind & weather tightness externally. This is achieved with the use of a 20mm split release butyl strip that is applied to the frame and conveniently hidden once clad. The BOSIG EPDM is bonded to the reveal with either a contact adhesive or BOSIG Fasatan and if using a full adhesive BOSIG EPDM, priming may be required.

BOSIG EPDM Membranes are bitumen compatible, made of BOSIG EPDM rubber for facades. These are equipped with one or more custom-made self-adhesive strips made of butyl rubber. These self-adhesive butyl rubber strips simplify processing and save time because adhesive application or waiting for curing is not necessary anymore. The butyl rubber adhesive has the same ductility as the sealing foil and therefore bonds very well to the most different undergrounds and does not bloom. The approved quality complies with DIN 18 195. They are also bitumen compatible. They have been examined according to DIN EN 13501 – 1 and correspond to the Fire Behaviour Class E normally inflammable.

Reaction to fire:Class E, EN13501-1
Water tightness:Passed, EN1928
Water vapour permability:50.000mu, EN1931
Impact resistance:NPD, EN12691
Joint shear resistance:NPD, EN12316-2
Tensile Strength:>7mPa; EN12311-2
Elongation at break:>300%; EN12311-2
Tear Resistance:>10N; EN12310-2
Durability Against Ageing:Passed, EN1296 / EN1931
Durability Against Alkali:Passed, Annex C


Surfaces must be stable, dry, free of grease and dust and must not contain adhesive repellent coatings. Porous surfaces may need to be primed using a suitable primer. BOSIG butyl strip EPDM is recommended for application to windows and doors.

The BOSIG EPDM membrane can be bonded to a substrate using a suitable adhesive sealant or contact adhesive – BOSIG Fasatan Sausage 600ml. If the BOSIG EPDM is to be used as an airtight vapour barrier membrane, the membrane should overlap by 20mm at the seams and be sealed with a suitable adhesive sealant.

The installer must first apply a sample of the BOSIG EPDM and test the adhesion to see if it’s appropriate.

Please observe our technical instruction sheet specifications and the adhesive processing notes!

Part Number:  Sizes:Barcodes:
AR9071A10.6MM X 200MM X 20M non adhesive  40082190
AR9071A20.6MM X 300MM X 20M non adhesive  40082190
AR9071A30.6MM X 200MM X 20M one butyl strip (20mm)  40082190
AR9071A40.6MM X 300MM X 20M one butyl strip (20mm)  40082190