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PHS Argo Joining Tape

PHS Argo Joint Tape

PHS Argo Joint Tape is a universal airtightness tape with a low-density polyethylene film backing.

PHS Argo Joint Tape is very pliable and stretchable. It is designed to work with PHS Apollo 1.5 Vapour Control Membrane. Tape is perfect for sealing membrane overlaps, joints, connections and penetrations. You can also apply it to a variety of different substrates and their material transitions while ensuring optimum airtight sealing. The tape offers a permanent adhesion with a high initial tack. 

PHS Argo complies with the high requirements of permanent bonding of airtight layers as per the EnEV and DIN 4108 part 7 regarding the permanent airtight sealing of vapor barrier sheeting.

Suitable Substrates

  • Wood,
  • Sheating boards (OSB),
  • Metals,
  • Electric cables,
  • Gypsum fibreboards,
  • Plasterboards.

Suitable Membranes

  • Vapour control layers / retarder sheeting,
  • Smooth to rough PE/PA/PO/PP sheeting, Kraft papers, Aluminium membranes.

Base Material:                                  LD-polyethylene foil, stretchy, green  
 Acrylate dispersion, solvent free  
Adhesive middle layer:             
    Polyester lattice layer  
Covering material:                          
Silicon paper, brown  
Thickness (without covering):     
Adhesive layer:                                
210g / m2
Adhesive strength:                         
35N / 25mm DIN EN 1939  
Temperature resistance:             
 –40C to +80C
UV resistance:                                  
Max. 3 months  
Durability against ageing:           
Moisture resistance:                     
Processing temperature:              
Recommended from +5C to +40C Possible from –10C

  • PHS Argo Joint Tape is used indoors for the air-tight bonding and sealing of penetrations and overlaps of wind and vapor barriers according to BS 9250.
  • Surfaces must be stable, dry, free of grease and dust, and may not contain adhesive-repellent coating.
  • We recommend bonding to surfaces such as smooth or slightly rough PE webs and non-waxed kraft paper. Aluminum sheeting, PP fleece, and wooden sheathing (e.g. oriented  strand boards) may also be used.
  • For bonding MDF boards we recommend preconditioning the surfaces with Gerband Primer 6300.
  • PHS Argo Joint Tape may also be used in non-visible areas of building components and also on impact resistant plastics (pipes, windows), wood or metal.

Part Number:            Size:                           Box Quantity:            Barcode:

AR9095B                      50mmX25m                           12                      05391536370077

AR9095A                      60mmX25m                           10                      05391536370084

AR9095D                      100mmx25m                          6                       053915363370091

AR9095E                      150mmx25m                           4                       05391536370114