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We at Passive House Systems have been involved in a range of airtight house construction products and services in Ireland for improving the energy performance in new-builds and existing houses since 2008.

With engineering, procurement, sales and logistical bases in Ireland, UK, Germany and Poland we are well placed to provide leading product technologies and supporting services.


To compliment the excellent products we supply, we offer the following services to support the successful product system design, product selection, installation and, where applicable, maintenance.


Air Tightness Testing

Learn more – Passive House Systems have been testing buildings since 2007. Air tightness testing is the measurement of airflow through the building envelope. Air leakages are an issue for many existing buildings, as air tightness levels were not a requirement in building regulations. 

Product Specification

Learn More – A member of our team can call to your site to help specify the right products to reach your project goals. Whether your are installing an airtightness, solar pv, ventilation or heat pump system have get in touch with us to ensure the best results.


Learn More – We can make sure you have the skills you need to become an airtightness installer. We offer a training service, that gives you all the necessary tools to meet airtightness building regulation standards. We offer a hands on, one day, training course giving you all the theoretical knowledge, along with practical installation demonstration. 

Sound Testing

Learn More – Sound Testing is a service describing acceptable level of sound between two spaces, that are separated by a dividing element and outlining the impact sound insulation (basing on the Technical Guidance Document ‘E’ of the Building Regulations in Ireland).

Condensation Risk Assessments

Learn More – Passive House Systems advises its customers using WUFI® software, which is fully compatible with BS EN 15026, and dynamically predicts moisture movement and storage as well as condensation for each location. Using WUFI® enables architects, designers and developers to identify the likelihood and risks of condensation, and enables designs to be optimised for longevity of the building fabric, and for the health and wellbeing of the buildings occupants.

Ventilation Services

Learn More – We can design your ventilation system to meeting Irish building regulations and to ensure a healthy indoor air quality:

  • Heat Recovery & Ventilation (HRV)
  • Continuous Mechanical Extract Ventilation (cMEV)
  • Positive Input Ventilation (PIV)

Our design is done by our own in-house engineers with state of art design packages, with some input from external fire compliance engineers and equipment manufacturers. These people don’t just sit at desks, they are also involved in on-site consultations and commissioning.


Renewable Energy Product Datasheets


Find a datasheet for one of our products. 

2d Airtightness Application Drawings

2d Drawings

View 2d application images of our airtightness products.

3d Airtightness Application Drawings

3d Drawings

View 3d application images of our airtightness products.

Airtightness Installation Videos


View some application videos of our products. 

SEAI Solar PV Grants

Solar Grants

Find out how much you can save with a Solar PV grant. 

Renewable Energy Brochures


Download one of our brochures


Request a Sample Pack

At Passive House Systems we pride ourselves on the outstanding quality that we provide. 

Through our extensive research and development, we have put together a wide range of Airtightness and Weathertight membranes, tapes and sealants. 

If you would like to see our range of products and feel the quality for yourself, contact our team and we can arrange for a sample pack to be sent to you. 

Our Passive House Systems Sample Packs and passive house plans in Ireland consists of :

  • PHS Sample Booklet
  • PHS Airtightness Brochure
  • Passive House Systems USB Stick
  • Passive House Systems  Pen


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 Passive House Institute Certification

Passive House Institute Certification

We are extremely proud to announce that our products have been recently certified by Passive House Institute in Darmstadt!  



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