Airtightness Access

AIrtightness Access

Alrtightness Access is a company that provides airtightness testing and certification to businesses and homeowners. They are changing the way clients look at airtightness, making it easier than ever for people to get the certification they need. This article discusses Alrtightness Access.

What it Does?

Alrtightness has been recognized as the market leader for many years. Alrtightness Access is an Australian-owned and operated company with a team of highly experienced and qualified experts. Alrtightness provides two main services: Airtightness Testing and Alrtightness Certification.

Alrtightness Testing tests a building or home to see how airtight it is. This is done using specialized equipment called an air leakage tester. The tester measures the amount of air that leaks out of the building or home through the door. Panels are placed over the door to prevent air from leaking out. Alrtightness Certification certifies that a building or home meets the required standards.

Stairs are part of the building that are not easy to test. Alrtightness provides a service called Alrtightness Certification for Stairs. This service is designed to help businesses and homeowners get the certification they need for their stairs.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits of airtight homes and buildings, including:

Reduced Energy Costs

Buildings or homes are more energy efficient, requiring less heating and cooling to maintain a comfortable temperature. This can lead to significant reductions in energy bills.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Using panels helps improve indoor air quality, preventing pollutants and allergens from entering the property.

Reduced Noise Pollution

They are better at blocking noise pollution outside the property.

Improved Thermal Comfort

They help maintain a more consistent temperature, which can improve comfort levels for occupants.

Healthier Living Environment

They create a healthier living environment, preventing mold, dust, and other pollutants from entering the property. This can improve the quality of life for occupants, particularly those with asthma or allergies.

Alrtightness services improve energy efficiency, indoor air quality, thermal comfort, and overall health. They have been approved by the Australian government and are certified by the National Air Tightness Institute, making them reliable and trustworthy.