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Access Door Wall Mounted EI30

Access Door Wall Mounted EI30
The Access Door Wall Mounted panel consists of aluminium profiles with plasterboard inlay of 25mm (EI30).

Both outer and inner frame of the access panel consisting of four single frames, which are firmly connected due to a special welding process. Access door wall mounted panel is equipped with two catch-wires. In order to avoid accidents, you should secure this safety system after each opening.

A joint gap of 2.5 mm – visible between outer frame and door leaf, which is equipped with a circumferential fire-resistant seal (foaming). The concealed snap locks open the access panel when pressure is applied to the flap on the spring loaded latch side.

Particular advantages of our system

  • Economical solution,
  • Delivery at short notice on request,
  • Quick and easy installation,
  • Sophisticated solution,
  • Flush installation in shaft walls/insulation panel,
  • Also suitable for tiling,
  • Furthermore – installation is possible in shaft walls of different producers.

In non-bearing shaft walls/insulation panels of the fire resistance class EI30 with single-side cladding 25mm. Tested in accordance with the “European Norms EN 1634-1 and EN1634-3”.

Customized solutions
Customized sizes can be produced in every dimension upon enquiry.

The access panel is equipped with a four-square lock and white collar.

Partnumber:Dimensions:Pack Qty:Barcode:
AR9061F600 x  600mm1 N/A