PHS Loft Stairs Insulation Kit

Love your Home and use our range of energy efficient products that keep homes warm and cosy.  The PHS Loft Stairs Insulation Kit is designed to insulate the attic stairs, while maintaining easy access to the attic. 

• Airtight
• Insulating
• Durable
• Easy to Install
• Range of Sizes

Triple Wall Radiant Barrier
340 gsm

Thermal Conductivity (ASTM C518-21)
0.037 W/(m.K)

Thermal Resistance
0.161 (m².K/W)


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The PHS Loft Stairs Insulation Kit is designed to seal and help insulate the attic access door, which is one of the largest sources of air leakage in a house.  The PHS Loft Stairs Hood is an easy solution to insulate attic stairs while maintaining easy access to the attic.

The hood is made of radiant barrier bonded to a polyester fibre insulation making this attic access insulation light, thin, and effective.  The insulated attic cover uses heavy-duty zippers to allow easy access to the attic.  The attic access cover provides efficient pull-down attic stair insulation, helping to keep your valuable heated and cooled air in your living space where you want it.  As an added benefit, loft stairs hood thermal barrier also helps keep your house clean and improves your indoor air quality by keeping dust and insulation in the attic where they belong; not on your floors or in your air.

Better living begins at home and Passive House Systems offers a range of energy efficient products to keep homes warm and cosy.


  • Stapling: Install the attic opening insulation cover by stapling through the black band to the rough framed opening (usually 2×6’s) above the 1×4 stair frame.

  • Orientation: Locating the zipper opening closer to the attic stair hinge will allow for easier attic access.

  • Air Sealing: Apply a bead of foam sealant or caulk between the Cover’s walls and the wood framing from the attic side to ensure a good air tight seal.

  • Larger Voids: Use our single component foam sealant to insulate attic stairs by sealing larger gaps and voids between Hatchway™ attic access door insulation and framing members.

Technical Details

  • Made with perforated radiant barrier which reflects 95% of the radiant heat.
  • Pull-Down Attic Stair Insulation: 1″ polyester fiber insulation.


Part Numbers: Size: Sell Qty: Barcode:
AR9053 1190 x 590 x 280mm 1 05391536370664
AR9053A 1140 x 550 x 280mm 1 05391536370718
AR9053B 1080 x 510 x 280mm 1 05391536370725
AR9053C 1380 x 650 x 280mm 1 05391536370770