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Download one of our brochures to find out more about our products. 

Gerband Airtightness

Download our Gerband Airtightness brochure.

Passive House Systems Airtightness

Download our PHS Airtightness brochure.

Ventilation Units

Download our PHS Ventilation Unit brochure. 

Ventilation Ducting

Download our PHS ducting brochure. 

Heat Pump Brochure

Heat Pumps

Download our Heat Pump Brochure

Heat Pump Brochure


Download our PHS HRV Brochure

Heat Pump Brochure

Solar Thermal

Download our Solar Thermal Brochure

Heat Pump Brochure

Solar PV

Download our PHS Solar PV Brochure

Heat Pump Brochure

Ducts and Fittings

EPP Ducts and Fittings Brochure.