PHS Airtight Foam Combi Offer

PHS Airtight Foam Combi Offer includes:
• PHS Airtight Foam x6
• PHS Foam Cleaner x1
• PHS Teflon Gun x1
• FREE PHS Protective Eyewear x1

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Acoustic Insulation
EN ISO717-1: 62dB

Airtight DIN 18542
<0.02 m³/h/m² at 100 PA

Tensile Strength
107 kPa (wet), 90 kPa (dry)

FEICA 750mm Can Yield, TM1007-2013
36-40 Litres

Thermal Conductivity
EN 12667:2001 : 0.039 (W/(m-K))

Water Vapour Transmission (sd)
EN 12086: 2023 : 0.31m

PHS Airtight Foam Datasheet

PHS Foam Cleaner Datasheet

SKU: AR9065C111


Combi Offer Includes: PHS Airtight Foam x6, PHS Foam Cleaner x1, PHS Teflon Gun x1 and FREE PHS Protective Eyewear.


PHS Airtight Foam is formulated to create an airtight, thermal and sound insulating interface between construction components.


• Adheres to all common building materials, with the exception of polyethylene, silicone, oils and greases, mould release agents, etc.
• Can be processed at temperatures from +5°C to +30°C.
• Hardened foam is elastic, predominantly closed-cell, rot-proof, moisture-proof, temperature-resistant from -50°C to +100°C.
• Resistant to aging, but not to UV radiation.
• Offers excellent thermal and sound insulation values.

• The adhesive surfaces must be free of dirt, dust and grease.
• Slightly moisten the building connection joint with a water spray.
• The optimal processing temperature is +20° C to +25°C.
• Shake the can thoroughly before use.
• Fill the joint no more than halfway, because the fresh foam expands to 2-3 times the initial volume.
• Foam layers thicker than 5cm in several steps and allow each layer to harden.
• The curing of the foam is supported and accelerated by additional moisture in the substrates (moistening of the substrates).
• For all joints, moistening is recommended after each layer of foam.
• Insufficient supply of moisture or excessive moisture can lead to unwanted shrinkage of the foam.
• Never press the partially hardened foam into the joint.
• Remove fresh foam stains immediately with foam cleaner. This can only be done in the tack-free period. Hardened foam can only be removed with special cleaner or mechanically.



PHS Foam Cleaner is an organic solvent mixture that removes fresh polyurethane foam and is formulated especially to clean the gun adapter after application.

Application Areas
Cleans uncured foam from surfaces, clothes, window & door frames and prevents foam cure in the gun adapter and aerosol valves.

• Before screwing the cleaner onto the gun connector, attach the plastic tube included.
• Shake well and screw the aerosol tightly onto the gun adapter.
• Press the trigger to flush the cleaner through the gun with several short shots for at least 5 seconds.
• Rest for 15 minutes to allow cleaner to work.
• Then flush the gun once more.
• Unscrew and wipe the threads clean.
• If the gun adapter has not been used in more than a week, it should be cleaned.

Technical Details

Application Area: Up to 45 meters
Joint-cross section approx. 10×1.5cm: Up to 13m
Cellularity: Good
Tack free time: Approx. 5-10min
Can be cut according to (20mm strand): Approx. 10-12min
Cured after (20mm strand): Approx. 12h
Processing temperature: +5C to +30C
Optimal processing temperature: +20C to +25C
Tensile strength (DIN 53430): 5-6N/cm2
Stretching (DIN 53430): Approx. 30%
Shear strength (DINF 53427): 3-4N/cm2
Strain at 10% compression (DIN 53421): 1-2N/cm2
Water absorption (DIN 53433): 1.4Vol.-%
Thermal conductivity (DIN 52612): 0.035W/mK
Air permeability: airtight up to 1000 Pa
Temp. resistance of curesd strand: -50C to +80C
Bonding: -50C to +100C
Acoustic isolation: Up to 62dB
Building materials class (DIN 4102 part 1): B3
Shelf life: 12 months


 • PHS Spray Sealing Foam is suitable for windows, attic conversion, doors, walls, corner joints, air conditioning and ventilation systems, pipelines, wooden structures.
• Designed to fill and seal around gaps, cracks and penetrations in the building envelope to stop air infiltration, maintain thermal integrity and reduce the transfer of noise.
• Very versatile, therefore it can be used on various substrates like masonry, pla- ster, wood, concrete, aerated concrete, bricks, clinker, plasterboards, fiberbo- ards, various plastics, corrosion protected metals, styrofoam, various other in- sulating materials, rigid foam panels, ceramics, tiles, stone.


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