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PHS Service Grommets

PHS Airtightness Grommet

PHS service grommets are made from a strong and flexible EPDM.

PHS service grommets provide a tight, flexible fit that prevents the uncontrolled flow of water vapour and air, allowing for greater airtight levels and prevention of interstitial condensation. They are specifically designed for quick and secure sealing of pipes penetrating both the internal airtight vapour control layer & external waterproof/windtight layer.

PHS grommets are be bonded to the appropriate substrate with PHS Argo tape or another suitable universal joining tape.

Total thickness (DIN EN 1942)* 0.35 mm

Tensile strength (DIN EN 14410)* >150 N / 25 mm

Elongation at break (DIN EN 14410)* 3 % to 5 % lengthwise

Adhesion (DIN EN 1939)* _40 N / 25 mm

Temperature range -40 °C to +80 °C



  • Special paper, covered with polyethylene film
  • Wind and airtight according to DIN 4108-7
  • Tear resistant, length and crosswise
  • Soft and flexible consistency
  • Water-repellent surface


  • Pure acrylate adhesive
  • Extremly high adhesion
  • Very high tack

Release liner

  • Silicone paper

Special features

  • Outstanding ageing resistance
  • Tearable by hand
  • particularly low-emission


  • White

 Flexible sealing grommet

Material:  EPDM Colour: 

Black Hardness:   55 Shore A (DIN ISO 48)

Density:  1.15 g / cm3 (DIN ISO 1183-1)

Tensile strength: 11.6 MPa (DIN ISO 37)

Temperature resistance:  -30 °C to +100 °C UV resistance:  very good


Storage:  cool and dry

Processing temperature:  +5 °C to +40 °C

Halogen-free:  yes

The area must be dry, stable and free of dust and release agent.  Folds and kinks must be prevented.

  • Self adhesive collar for sealing openings through the airtight level, e.g. for vapour barriers, sarking membranes. 
  • Before application of PHS service grommets, ensure that the application area is clean, dry, grease and dust free.
  • Adhesion to frozen surfaces isn’t possible. Apply only in the appropriate application temperature.
  • PHS Argo tape provides a permanent bond between the grommet and substrate.
  • If bonding to MDF, precondition the surface with a suitable primer to ensure the best possible bond.
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50-60mmSO3033BSold Individually05391536370428
100-110mmSO3033CSold Individually05391536370435
120-130mmSO3033DSold Individually05391536370442
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