Our Gerband 586 Tape

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We have some exciting news to share this week!

One of our best-selling airtightness products has got the new looks: our Gerband 586 tape has changed its hermetic print.
This is a very pliable polyethylene tape with an extremely adherent and moisture resistant polyacrylate adhesive with outstanding ageing resistance. It is used for bonding of wind and vapor barriers, and it has a very diverse customer base for a wide range of technical and industrial applications.
Although it is now modernized for a seamless fit into the adhesive tape range, all other components as the adhesive, the scrim and the lines remain unchanged.

Gerband 586 tape can be used for bonding various types of surfaces, such as:

  • Smooth and slightly rough PE webs
  • Non-waxed kraft paper
  • Aluminium sheetings
  • PP-fleece
  • MDF and wooden sheetings
  • Impact resistant plastics (pipes, windows)
  • Wood or metal in non-visible areas
  • It can withstand temperature range from -40 ยฐC to +80 ยฐC.

These features make it a real superhero when it comes to protecting your home from the inside since it is always used indoors.
While its print might have changed, this product has preserved all its classic high-quality performances: permanent adhesion as well as a great ageing resistance.
If you are looking for a great product for air-tight bonding and sealing of penetrations, look no further. We at PHS hope that you will enjoy the new design as much as we do!