Loft Stairs and Access doors

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An escape hatch to energy savings!

Lot Stairs and Access doors? An unfinished or not properly insulated attic can easily turn into a financially ungrateful space when it comes to considering your home’s energy savings. Oftentimes a staircase or a loft stairs leading to an attic can be particularly susceptible to energy leaking.

If you are using your attic for storage and still want to have a convenient access to it, along with investing in attic insulation you might consider sealing up the hatch and insulating stairs leading to it.

PHS Loft Stairs come in two sizes: 1190×590 (with 1200×600 opening), 1130 x540 (with 1140×550 opening) and two insulation thickness variants: 80mm and 133mm. They are a real winner when it comes to the prevention of heat loss with thick insulation and air impermeable seals. Crafted in pine wood which gives them light colour and elegant appearance, these stairs do not need storage space in the loft as stairs stores completely on hatch. To add even more protection to your home, fire rated hatches are also available.

Another sophisticated solution in this category to contribute to your home’s economical savings could be with PHS Access Doors. These doors can be mounted on a ceiling and on a wall. Its panels consist of aluminium profiles with plasterboard inlay of 25mm, while an outer and an inner frame consist of four single frames which are rigidly connected due to a special welding process. They are quick and easy to install in shaft walls (even shaft walls of different producers), insulations panels and ceilings.