Building regulations in Ireland

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Building regulations in Ireland? Did you know that buildings are the single largest energy consumer in Europe? Heating, cooling, and domestic hot water account for 80% of the energy that we consume. They are also responsible for approximately 36% energy-related greenhouse gas emissions.
To boost the energy performance of buildings, the EU has established a legislative framework that includes directives on energy performance and energy efficiency of buildings. These directives were created with the aim of promoting policies that will help achieve a highly efficient and decarbonized building stock by 2050.
The design and construction of buildings in Ireland is regulated under the Building Control Acts 1990 to 2014, to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of people within the built environment. These Acts are a set of legal requirements for the design and construction of new buildings, extensions, and material alterations to and certain changes of use of existing buildings.

They are expressed in functional statements: each statement deals with different matters, from buildingโ€™s structure to fire safety, from ventilation to fuel and energy conservation.

If you are having construction work carried out, it must comply with these regulations. At Passive House Systems our concern is providing adequate and effective ventilation systems to our customers.

Whether it is continuous mechanical extract ventilation, heat recovery ventilation or natural ventilation with specific provision for extract ventilation, we are here to make sure that all standards of energy performance and efficiency prescribed by law are met, so you can sit down with a mug of builderโ€™s tea while we take care of your project.