MVHR Servicing and Maintenance by PHS

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A proper care for a long lifespan of your MHVR units.

Planned maintenance is vital to ensure a flawless running of your ventilation system.

While your MVHR system may be under warranty for the first couple of years, it is recommended to keep up a regular maintenance schedule at least once a year. Although some parts of the maintenance can be done by the property owner, such as replacing the air filters, more complex maintenance needs to be performed by a qualified engineer.

The benefits of regular MVHR servicing and maintenance by PHS are multiple:

  • Extending product life
  • Potential issues can be foreseen
  • Repair costs savings
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Informing residents about correct practice use
  • Providing quieter running and cleaner air in the home

If you think that your ventilation system needs a service, you can identify a particular malfunction by checking several indicators:

  • Noise. If you think that your system it is too loud, there might be a built-up debris affecting the motor, causing the unit working harder
  • No sound. The system may be clogged. The unit might be turned off at the consumer board, otherwise there is an issue with ducting or motors
  • Steam clearing. If your bathroom, kitchen, or utility room keep staying misty, there might be a problem with the motor or ducting sensor, or the right extraction rate is not achieved
  • Stuffy and humid feeling in the house

At PHS we offer tailored MVHR servicing and maintenance packages for our customers in accordance with TGD Part L regulations.

We will commission your system with a detailed site survey which includes thorough product inspection: installation, ductwork and insulation check, drainage connection check, airflow rate check, rebalancing of valves and system cleaning.

But our work does not stop here!

Once our engineers make sure that everything is in a tip-top condition, they will take you through the works they have done because we want to give you knowledge about your ventilation system. After that, we will provide you with necessary sign-off documents and make a full-service record. To ensure the longevity of your investment and to keep your home a healthy place to live in, donโ€™t hesitate to contact us at PHS to schedule your next commissioning appointment.