The Increasingly Popular Timber Inspection Doors

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A poorly insulated and draughty inspection door will result in significant heat loss and potential moisture damage in your attic space.

One of our most popular products, the Passive House Systems Timber Inspection Doors, combats this heat loss with it’s 80mm insulation and air permeable seals. With some of the many benefits listed below, it is evident why these products are top sellers:

  • Well insulated (80mm of insulation).
  • An Air tight assembly (Class 4 to En 1026).
  • Secured with a 2-point locking mechanism.
  • Quick & easy fitting.
  • Aesthetically adaptable with a paintable white lid finish.
  • Outer frame air tightness kit optional.
  • Easy to use with a short locking pole.

We supply a range of Energy Efficient Loft Stairs, Access Doors and Accessories, with all of our products being independently certified.
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