Gerband Sd Vario Membrane

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Gerband Sd Vario Membrane is a multi-layered vapour barrier with a moisture-variable sd value. It’s used indoors to create an airtight barrier and a vapour control layer for the protection of the construction according to DIN 4108.

Gerband Sd Vario Membrane is a reliable airtight and vapour control layer. During the winter it reliably prevents diffusion of interior humidity into the roof and wall construction. As a result – during summer it allows for back fusion from the insulation as well as the wall and roof construction. It also prevents condensation that facilitates mildew growth and constructional damages.


  • Composite of a functional PA film and PP non-woven,
  • Outstanding ageing resistance,
  • UV resistant: at least 18 months behind glass and three months in outdoor exposure*.


  • White with print.

Special features

  • Fulfills the requirements of the EnEV as a moisture-variable vapour barrier,
  • Especially useful for new buildings as well as for renovation of old buildings,
  • The CE sign according to DIN EN 13984 provides the necessary security for the application in constructions to build according to all valid requirements of the EnEV and construction standards.

Technical Details

Grammage (DIN EN 1849-2):
                                   85 g/m² (± 5 g/m²)
Maximum tensile strength (DIN EN 13859-1)
Lengthwise:                                                                150 N / 50 mm
Crosswise:                                                                  125 N / 50 mm
Elongation at maximum tensile strength (DIN EN 13859-1)
Lengthwise:                                                                >200 %
Crosswise:                                                                  >225 %
Resistance to tear propagation (nail shaft; DIN EN 13859-1)
Lengthwise:                                                                >25 N
Crosswise:                                                                  >25 N
Temperature range:                                                   -40C to +80C
Diffusion-equivalent air layer:                                    0.25 < sd < 5.0; moisture-variable**
Thickness (sd-value):                                                 < 1 m cond. C, 3 to 5 m cond. A
                                                                                    (DIN EN 12572 / DIN EN 1931)
Static air layer thickness:                                           2.02 m***
Fire performance (DIN EN 13501-1):                         class E,
                                                                                    corresponds to B2 according to DIN 4102
Water resistance:                                                       passed
CE certificate:                                                             passed

* Relating to being installed in German standard climatic conditions; not in mountain regions

** In case of calculations according to DIN 4108-3 (Glaser method) use the static sd value only.



  • Store in dry rooms from +5C to +25C, protected from UV-radiation.
  • The membrane should be applied perpendicular to the direction of the application surface i.e. studs, rafters and joists.
  • The membrane should be fixed with staples every 150mm or double-sided tape.
  • PHS Argo Joint Tape or a suitable grommet should be used for penetrations.
  • For bonding barrier overlaps, penetrations and repair spots,PHS Argo Joint Tape or a similar tape is recommended.
  • For connections to concrete or masonry PHS Ottello Adhesive Sealant is recommended.
  • Ensure there is a 100mm overlap of the membranes and tape with PHS Argo Joint Tape or another suitable tape.


Length:         40m