Gerband sd VARIO Membrane

Used indoors, creates airtight barrier for the protection of the construction according to DIN 4108.



Declaration of Performance


Gerband sd VARIO Membrane is a multi-layered vapour barrier with a moisture-variable sd value. It’s used indoors to create an airtight barrier and a vapour control layer for the protection of the construction according to DIN 4108.

Gerband sd VARIO Membrane is a reliable airtight and vapour control layer. During the winter it reliably prevents diffusion of interior humidity into the roof and wall construction. As a result – during summer it allows for back fusion from the insulation as well as the wall and roof construction. It also prevents condensation that facilitates mildew growth and constructional damages.


  • Composite of a functional PA film and PP non-woven,
  • Outstanding ageing resistance,
  • UV resistant: at least 18 months behind glass and three months in outdoor exposure*.


  • White with print.

Special features

  • Fulfills the requirements of the EnEV as a moisture-variable vapour barrier,
  • Especially useful for new buildings as well as for renovation of old buildings,
  • The CE sign according to DIN EN 13984 provides the necessary security for the application in constructions to build according to all valid requirements of the EnEV and construction standards.



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Technical Details

Tensile strength (DIN EN 12311-2)*
     Lengthwise: >100N / 50mm
     Crosswise: >60N / 50mm
Tear strength (DIN EN 12340-1)*
     Lengthwise: >90N
    Crosswise: >90N
Temperature range: -20C to 80C
Sd value: 4.5m
Fire performance: class F
Water resistance: passed
Grammage: 85 g/m2 (±7 %)
CE certificate: passed
Core: 72 mm inner core diameter
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  •  Store in dry rooms from 5C to 25C, protected from UV-radiation,
  • The membrane should be applied perpendicular to the direction of the application surface i.e. studs, rafters and joists,
  • The membrane should be fixed with staples every 150mm or with PHS Double Sided Tape,
  • PHS Argo Joining Tape or a suitable PHS Grommet should be used for penetrations,
  • For bonding barrier overlaps, penetrations and repair spots, PHS Argo Joining Tape or a similar tape is recommended,
  • For connections co concrete or masonry PHS Internal Adhesive Sealant is recommended,
  • Ensure there is a 100mm overlap of the membranes and tape with PHS Argo Joining Tape or another suitable tape.
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  Part Number: Size:  Box Quantity:   Barcode:
AR9094 1500mmx40m 1 05391536370152


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