Water Heating

Water Heating Section
Our domestic hot water heat pumps – DHW Explorer Evo and the DHW_HP Retro 3.0 use external air or used ventilation air for highly efficient water heating -all year round. The temperature of the exhaust air from the heat pump is 5-10 °C lower than input air, this difference is used to heat the water.
The heat pump DHW Explorer Evo is a complete device that works with a market leading COP (coefficient of performance) of 3.8 while the DHW Retro works with your existing cylinder and has an amazing and market leading COP of 4.35.

Features Atlantic Explorer Evo

with maintenance free ACI hybrid external current anode
1.8kW additional heating element – co calcification possible due to the dry heating element
generously sized heat exchanger (1.2m2) to connect further energy generators
with circulation connection
very quiet operation
Smart Control

Smart PV Control – intelligent photovoltaic boost function with two interfaces
Smart Auto Control – self learning optimal temperature per indiviual user profile
Smart Control – select the most economical source of energy
Smart Energy Control – accurate energy consumption indicator
Smart Remote Control – I/O Home Control for control with smartphone/tablet
Smart KWL – fan function for controlled ventilation.

Technical Details

  • particularly high COP value: at 3.8 )as per EN 16147; A20/W10-55; XL)
  • safe hygiene and legionella function
  • easy assembly and installation
  • small space and ceiling height requirement due to rotatable air connection sockets
  • problem-free combination with other heating systems
  • horizontal transport possible
  • available at 270 and 200 L volumes, with or without a heat exchanger
  • with photovoltaic function
  • large colour display with accurate energy reading
  • Application -5C to +43C
  • Smart Control