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Vent-Axia HRV Filters

Heat Recovery Ventilation filters

Vent-Axia HRV Filters

A set of Vent Axia heat recovery HRV replacement filters for Vent-Axia HRV Filters for Kinetic Plus E excists of two filters.

The HRV filter sets are G4+M5 high quality and produced according to the European standards EN779.

Replacing Vent-Axia filters and simple maintenaince

The HRV filters for the Vent-Axia Kinetic MVHR unit are easy to replace. Please refer to the user manual for easy steps on how to do this. Prevent expensive and complicated maintenance by cleaning your filters and Vent-Axia Kinetic Plus HRV unit.

Additional information

Technical Details

Filter specifications:
1 set includes 2 pieces wire frame filters G4+G4 or G4+M5 (EN779)
Format Filters approx 510 x 185 mm (L x W)