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Vacuum Tube Collector Solar Thermal Collector

Vacuum Tube Collector Solar Thermal Collector

The Pleion X-Ray 10 Collector 

The Pleion X-Ray collector is designed where roof space is restricted and where performance and durability are essential. These collectors use the well proven u-tube collector pipe configuration and a double glass walled vacuum tube. Utilising parabolic reflector surface behind the vacuum tubes maximizes the available solar energy all year round. The collectors do not require on-site assembly and the tubes do not need covering while idle like other tube technologies. The tubes are easily replaced and do not require the system to be drained. 


– 360 deg high vacuum absorber tubes. 

– Utilises CPC reflective technology. 

– Corrosion resistant components. 

– Collector designed, manufactured and tested in Austria to the Solar Keymark standard. 

-3/4″ flat seal stainless, graphite and brass fittings. 

-SEAI registered Harp Z-5-20120-1 

-Compact on-roof footprint.  

-Easy to handle and lightweight. 

-Continuous U-tube pipe. 

-No Glass-Metal interfaces. 

-Standard hydraulic fittings. 


– Very robust with a long service life. 

– Excellent solar yield performance. 

– Standard hydraulic fittings. 

– Easily retrofitted and replaced. 

– No on site assembly of collectors. 

– Year round solar gains. 

– Reliable under the harshest conditions.

-Collectors dont need covering while idle. 

-Ideal for East or West roof orientations. 

-Excellent heat retention properities.  




Dimensions ( H x W) 1.97m x 1.11m
Gross Area:2.2m2
Aperture Area:1.92
Total Weight:41.5kg
Liquid Content: 2.3L
Heat loss coefficient a1: 0.73 W/(m3K)
Heat loss coefficient a2: 0.0045 W/(m2k2)

Max stagnation temperature: 


292 deg C
Absorption: 96%.
Emission: 6%
Reflective coating:PVD – Coated
Nominal pressure loss: 10 mbar (low flow conditions: 5 mbar, water/ propylene-glycol 20 deg C)
Hydraulic connection:Series connection with collector side by side
Collector connection: 2 connectors side, 3/4″ swivel % male.
Max operation pressure: 10 bar
Heat insulation:Mineral wool
Collector Case: Aluminium frame