V4A Exhaust Fan

Silent operation and efficient ventilation of the whole dwelling.



Installation Manual


Silent operation and efficient ventilation of the whole dwelling

The V4A Premium fan is designed to ventilate a complete dwelling, with up to four exhaust units located in the kitchen, in the toilets, and in the bathrooms. Easily hidden in a wall cupboard or in a false ceiling, the V4A Premium will provide all the comfort and air quality you want. It uses an optimised EC-motor, and the electrical part is removable to facilitate maintenance.

An efficient motor

The speed of the V4A’s EC-Motor (Electronic Commutation Motor) is controlled by an electronic card. The motor speed, associated with a special wheel, holds the pressure at 100 Pa to keep the airflow proportional to the variable cross-section of the connected demand controlled exhaust units. This keeps power consumption and noise emissions to a minimum.

Optimised for silence

The high efficiency EC-Motor is mounted on flexible links and is encased in a double-skin envelope: the V4A is totally optimised to work silently, allowing installation inside the dwelling.

User-friendly maintenance

Maintenance is simple because the fan is inside the dwelling: the cover is simply lifted off and the impeller is easy to remove thanks to a patented attachment system. And the electrical part is removable, so the motor can be replaced without removing the fan from its support.

12 VAC output for electrical exhaust units

The V4A fan integrates a 12 VAC transformer to supply up to four electrical exhaust units.

Technical Details

  • Silent: only 33 dB(A) @ 40 m³/h.
  • Constant pressure: fitted to demand controlled exhaust units.
  • Outlet 125 mm in diameter.
  • Inlets 100 or 125 mm.
  • Low energy consumption: less than 13 W* @ 40 m³/h.
  • Easy to install: flat and compact, directly installed in living space.
  • Easy to maintain: simple yearly cleaning of the removable impeller, accessible without tools.