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Solar DC Cable Solar PV

Solar DC Cable

Solar DC Cable is especially designed for use in photovoltaic applications.

They provide the optimal cable connection between the solar cells and from the solar cells to the inverter or DC main cable.

These cables are suitable for outdoor ground and roof mounted systems though not suitable for direct lying under the earth. They are also suitable indoors and in fixed pipe installation.

Conductor:                                           Class 5 Flexible tinned copper according to
                                                             DIN VDE 0295,IEC/EN 60228
Insulation:                                            Halogen Free Cross – linked compound
Sheath:                                                 Halogen Free Cross – linked compound
Voltage Rating:                                     AC : 600/1000V, DC : 900/1800V
Temperature Rating:                           -40C to +90C
Minimum bending radius:                    Fixed : 4 x Overall Diameter,
Flexing:                                                 5 x Overall Diameter
Rated Voltage Uo/U:                            0.6/1Kv AC – 0.9/1.8 KV DC
Voltage Umax:                                      1.8kV DC (Conductor/Conductor,
                                                              Non Earthed system, circuit not under load)
Max temperature at conductor:          +120C (for 20000 h)
Test Voltage:                                        6.5KV AC according to EN 50395