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Prestige 8210 on roof collectors

Prestige 8210 on roof collectors

The Prestige 8210  Solar Thermal Panel

The Prestige 8210 are designed where costs, speed of assembly, durability and performance required. The collectors are easily assembled and connected hydraulically to various types of supplied fixtures. The collectors are easily fitted, retrofitted and replaced.


– Self Cleaning and anti reflective glass.

– Corrosion resistant components.

– Collector designed, manufactured and tested in Austria to the solar keymark standard.

– Standard flat seal hydraulics.

– SEAI registered SEAI-ST-518P

– Highly selective coated absorber plate.

– Double Harp absorber configuration.


– Very robust with a long service life.

– Excellent solar yield performance.

– Discrete hydraulics.

– Easily retrofitted and replaced.

– Low maintenance.

– Dont require covering while idle.

– Various fixings available.

– Impact tested to ISO 12975-2.



Dimensions ( H x W) 1.731m x 1.17 m
Gross Area:2.02m2
Aperture Area:1.907
Total Weight:35kg
Liquid Content: 1.4L
Heat loss coefficient a1: 4.17 W/(m3K)
Heat loss coefficient a2: 0.012 W/(m2k2)
Max stagnation temperature: 


197 deg c
Absorption: Highly Selective, vacuum coated.
Emission: 5%
Covering:low iron, structured, solar safety glass (ESG)
Impact of strength of the covering: Cover passed the optional impact resistance tests following EN12975-2
Nominal flow: 300 kg/hour
Nominal pressure loss: 10 mbar (low flow conditions: 5 mbar, water/ propylene-glycol 20 deg C)
Hydraulic connection:Series connection with collectors side by side
Collector connection: 2 connectors side, 3/4″ swivel % male.
Max operation pressure: 10 bar
Heat insulation:Mineral wool
Collector Case: Aluminium frame