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PHS Spray Airtight Liquid Membrane

spray liquid membrane

PHS Spray Airtight Liquid Membrane is a high-tech, water-based polymer dispersion that can be applied to various surfaces with an airless sprayer and that, when dry, forms a highly flexible, elastically airtight and vapour repellent membrane.

It provides a unique and sustainable solution for airtight construction junctions in both new builds and retrofits. It permanently seals connections:
• wall to floor,
• wall to ceiling,
• window and door jambs,
• pipe and ducting penetrations,
• general construction joints.


• Airtight and vapor barrier.
• Ideal for large construction sites and surfaces.
• Suitable for renovation and newbuilds.
• Paintable and plasterable.
• Very flexible with good adhesion on many porous materials.
• Good adhesion on slightly moist substrates.
• Permanently elastic.
• Meets the European VOC Directive 2004/42/EC. 


The surface must be workable (remove loose parts), dry and free from oil, grease and dust. Larger cracks or openings must be filled in first. It is dark blue in colour when sprayed, but turns black once dry. Once it has dried, it can be immediately plastered or painted. Product can be applied to slightly damp surfaces. Never apply to frozen surfaces and don’t use at temperatures below 5C.

Structure:Water based, fibre reinforced polymer paste
Specific gravity:ca.1.2kg/l
Wet consumption:+/- 1kg/m2
Min. processing temperature:From +5C
Drying time:30-120mins, depending on humidity and surface
Shelf life:12 months at temp. between 5 and 25C


• Air tight sealing of wall chasings at building envelope level.
• Air tight sealing of floor-to-wall junctions.
• Air tight sealing of wall areas above suspended ceilings.
• Air tight sealing around windows (not suitable for cavity walls).
• Radon barrier (please call for details).
• Complete building envelopes (mostly for commercial buildings).


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