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PHS_PIV_N (No heating function)



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    Positive Input Ventilation (PIV_N)

    Positive Input Ventilation (PIV_N) is a ventilation system that introduces fresh, clean, and filtered air into a home to dilute, displace, and replace stale, polluted, and humid air. Suitable for installation on the floor or in the ceiling, in any location.

    Energy-saving: The EC brushless motor significantly reduces electricity consumption

    Indoor Air Quality: a correctly specified mechanical ventilation system can ensure the quality of the indoor air is constantly maintained for the health and well-being of the occupants as well as of the building. Duly maintained filters ensure that incoming air is suitably filtered of pollutants before it enters the home.


    • Ease of installation
    • Compact profile
    • Top cover
    • Acoustic self-extinguishing foam lining
    • Double filtration
    • Washable pre-filter
    • Integral magnet system
    • Discreet ceiling diffuser
    • EC motor
    • Effective
    • IAQ filter
    • Tested to the latest standards


    • IAQ filter.
    • Suspension kit.
    • Remote humidistat (SEN-HY).
    • CTRL-P1 controller.
    • Thermal insulated duct.

    PIV Ventilation systems

    Application: Does not require any ducting system (renovation)

    How it works: A continuous running centralized single flow supply ventilation unit gently introduces fresh, clean, filtered air into the dwelling through a ceiling diffuser, to push out and replace the internal stale, contaminated, humid air. The loft mounting provides discrete installation and very quiet operation

    • Outer fan casing manufactured from powder-coated galvanized sheet steel providing long-lasting and robust construction. The unit is finished in white
      RAL 9010.
    • The top cover made from strong durable ABS technopolymer.EC external rotor motor, provided with integral thermal protection mounted on sealed for life ball bearings, and antivibration supports.
    • Forward curved centrifugal impeller dynamically balanced and directly driven by the motor to provide a smooth airflow through the unit. External anti-dust washable pre-filter, easily removable without tools.
    • Internal ISO Coarse 60% (G4) filter as standard. Design ceiling diffuser made of high-quality ABS technopolymer.
    • 2,5m flexible duct to connect ventilation unit and diffuser

    piv dimension