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MC4 Connectors Solar PV Panels

MC4 Solar PV Connectors

MC4 Connectors are single-contact electrical connectors commonly used for connecting solar panels.

MC4 Connectors stand for the manufacturer Multi-Contact and a 4 for the 4mm (diameter) contact pin pin. MC4s allow strings of panels to be easily constructed by pushing the connectors from adjacent panels together by hand. They require a tool to disconnect them to ensure they do not accidentally disconnect when the cables are pulled.

Rate voltage:                                      DC 1000V
Junction temperature current:    16A
Contact presistance:                        <0.3
Safety class:                                        class II
Waterproof grade:                            IP 65
Temperature range :                       -40C~+85C
Cable standard:                                2.5/4/6mm2
Flame retardant grade:                  UL94-V0
Insulation material:                         PPO
Composite contact material:        Copper, silver plating