G5 Tile Vent Glidevale

The low-profile cowl of Vent is geometrically one of the smallest available in the marketplace.


ย G5 Tile Vent Glidevales Versa

Versa-Tile G5 is the perfect universal tile ventilator and terminal. It can be used for all roof space ventilation requirements


  • Universal design suits virtually all interlocking single lap tiles
  • Proven in use for over 15 years.
  • When the underlay is cut, the underlay protector keeps it intact.
  • AluFlash is used on the leading front edge for maximum weathering and wind uplift resistance.
  • A minimum of 20,000mm2ย  of ventilation space is guaranteed.


Available Sizes

Product Code:


Adapter Sizes

Product Code ย Sizes
HRV006F 125mm
HRV006D 150mm