Exhaust Air Stainless Steel Heat Pump

Exhaust Air Heatpump with 200l capacity. A successor of the well-received PWPC heater.


Exhaust Air Heat pump with 200-litre capacity is a successor of the well-received PWPC heater.

In the new edition, we decided to standardise the names of all exhaust air heat pump, intending to emphasise their features and advantages, as well as modern looks.


  • made of high-quality 2mm stainless steel,
  • 200-litre version includes one pipe coil (1 sq. metre of heat exchange surface).

Titanium anode protection

  • in combination with a stainless-steel tank, it ensures the best anti-corrosion protection available on the market,
  • in addition, the tank contains a magnesium anode โ€“ in the event of power interruption or device failure, the stainless steel exhausts in Ireland is still protected from corrosion.


  • controller for the entire tap water boiler room,
  • selects priorities based on the cheapest source (e.g. depending on the temperature of the air supplied to the heat pump),
  • connectable to a EKONTROL System (mobile regulation of controller settings, full statistics and 24-hour monitoring of the installation, as well as fast notification about system emergencies),
  • 9 schemes to choose from; including the combinations of a single- or double-coil heater and circulating pump, solid-fuel boiler (e.g. water-exchange fireplace) and automatic boiler (gas- or oil-fuelled).

Additional information

Technical Data

Heating Power: 2,5kW (EN16174, A15/W15-45)
Power Supply: 0,6kW (EN16174, A15/W15-45)
Power of Electric Heater: 1,5kW
COP Efficiency: 3,84 (EN16174, A15/W15-45)
Class: A
Power frequency: 230V/50Hz
Capacity of the Heater: 200l
Coil surface: 1m2
Height: 1700mm
Width: 560mm
Weight: 90kg
Warranty: 2 years