EPDM Membrane

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EPDM membrane creates weathertight seal when used externally. An airtight seal is created when used internally to seal windows and doors to the reveal.

EPDM membrane can be bonded to a variety of substrates when used with Fasatan TFS adhesive sealant.
We distribute full adhesive, adhesive strip and non-adhesive EPDM membranes ranging in width (50 – 1500mm) and thickness (0.5 – 1.5mm).

Technical Details

Reaction to fire:   
                         Class E, EN13501-1 
Water tightness:                           Passed, EN1928
Water vapour permability:           50.000mu, EN1931 

Impact resistance:                        NPD, EN12691
Joint shear resistance:                  NPD, EN12316-2  
Tensile Strength:                           >7mPa; EN12311-2  
Elongation at break:                      >300%; EN12311-2  
Tear Resistance:                            >10N; EN12310-2  
Durability Against Ageing:             Passed, EN1296 / EN1931  
Durability Against Alkali:               Passed, Annex C  


Surfaces must be stable, dry, free of grease and dust, and must not contain adhesive-repellent coatings. The installer should firstly apply a sample of the tape and test adhesion.

The adhesive strip EPDM is recommended for application to windows & doors. Fasatan TFS polymer adhesive is ideal for binding the membrane to the substrate.

Please observe the following instructions when bonding membranes on-site

– check the adhesive compatibility of the subsurface
– the undergrounds must be clean, dry, solvent-, grease- and oil-free
– the seam overlap of individual sheet widths should be at least 10 cm

Please observe our technical instruction sheet specifications and the adhesive processing notes!


Width:           200           300
Thickness:    1mm         1mm