BXC2 Exhaust Unit

A multifunctional exhaust unit to optimise indoor air quality and energy efficiency in MEV applications.



Installation Manual


A multifunctional exhaust unit to optimise indoor air quality and energy efficiency in MEV applications.

The BXC gets a makeover and becomes the BXC2: new design, same features. It incorporates all of the functions one could want in an air exhaust unit: various activation modes, such as humidity sensitive, presence detection, switch, and even CO2 are available to adapt the ventilation to occupants’ needs. The exhaust airflow is automatically modulated, in silent operation. The range of variable airflows can be set at installation to meet special needs, or to compensate for a lack of pressure; commissioning is also facilitated by the presence of a pressure plug, which allows measurement and easy calculation of the airflow.

Distribution of the BXC will be phased out and only the BXC2 will be supplied. 

Adjustable airflow at installation

The BXC2 extract grille offers a range of possible airflow settings to meet specific needs, or regulatory requirements. The fixed shutter can be set at one of six positions, with an average step between each setting of + 10 m3/h (maximum = + 50 m3/h). This can be very useful to compensate for a lack of pressure.

Pressure plug to help commissioning

The built-in pressure plug makes it easy to measure the pressure using a manometer, then calculate airflow using a table in the installation instructions.

Advanced special versions

The BXC was the first exhaust unit in the world offering the possibility of having built-in CO2 and VOC sensors, for example. These innovations are especially well suited to applications in schools, offices, gymnasiums, mobile homes, etc. A remote control version is also available.

Technical Details

  • Humidity sensitive, presence detector and switch versions: modulates the airflow according to the various needs of the dwelling.
  • Advanced special versions: CO2, VOC, and remote control versions.
  • Battery indicator: buzzer to indicate low battery level.
  • Easy to maintain: removable shutter case and front cover for easy cleaning.
  • Airflow “+”: possibility of setting the airflow levels at installation up to + 50 m³/h on the max. airflow.
  • Silent working: quiet auxiliary airflow activation.
  • Pressure plug: allows pressure measurement to determine the airflow.