Blauberg Komfort EC S1B 350 HRV Unit

Suitable for supplying and extracting air in dwellings such as flats, houses and other buildings.


Blauberg Komfort EC S1B 350 Heat Recovery Unit

The Blauberg Komfort EC SB350 is a wall-mounted heat recovery air handling unit that is suitable for supplying and extracting air in dwellings such as flats, apartments, houses and other buildings. The heat recovery feature minimises heat loss, this controllable air exchange unit provides the best suitable indoor microclimate for your home. It has a heat recovery efficiency rate of up to 85% and a maximum air flow rate of up to 415 m3/h.


  • The units are equipped with high-efficient EC motors with an external rotor and a centrifugal impeller with backward curved blades.
  • EC motors have the best power consumption to air capacity ratio and meet the latest demands concerning energy saving and high-efficient ventilation.
  • EC motors are featured with high performance, low noise level and optimum control across the entire speed range.
  • The impellers are dynamically balanced. 



  • The KOMFORT EC SB(-E) units are equipped with a bypass for ventilation (air cooling by the cool air from outside).



  • The casing is made of double-skinned polymer-coated steel panels, internally filled with 20, 25, 30, 40 mm (depending on the unit model) mineral wool layer for heat- and sound-insulation.
  • The unit is equipped with a hinged service panel to enable convenient access for maintenance or repair operations.
  • The spigots are located at the top of the unit and are equipped with rubber seals for airtight connection to the air ducts.


Air Filtration: 

  • The built-in F7 filter provides efficient supply air filtration. The G4 filter is used for extract air cleaning.
  • The G3 filters are used for supply and exhaust air filtration in the KOMFORT EC S(B)200units.Supply air in the KOMFORT EC S(B)250 units is purified by the G4 and F7 filters.
  • The G4 filter is used for extract air cleaning.


Additional information

Technical Data

Up to 85% heat recovery
Passive House Approved
Maximum airflow rates of 415 m3/h
Suitable with 160mm ducting
Rubber sealed air ducts for secure air tight connections
Highly efficient EC motors
100% summer bypass
G4 filters required, optional F7 filter
A SEC class
28 dB(A) sound level
Complete with integrated control system with wall mounted control panel
10m cable is provided for connection of the unit and control panel
Weight – 63 kg
Dimensions W x H x D (mm) – 610 x 675 x 730
5 years warranty