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Anti-Bacterial Semi Rigid Vent. Ducting

Anti-Bacterial Semi Rigid Vent. Ducting


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    PHS Mainfranken Anti-Static/Anti-Bacterial Semi Rigid Ventilation Ducting

    Semi rigid radial duct systems are fast becoming the preferred choice for residential heat recovery ventilation installations due to its unique characteristics benifita Blaufast RK semi rigid ducting is now avaiable with an anti static lining and anti antibacterial treatment option.

    Corrugated pipe with smooth inner pipe surface; hygienically tested, duct with protection cap, pipe resistant against external loads, sound-absorbing.

    Used for connecting Manifolds to Ceiling Plenums.

    Available in 90mm and 75mm outer diameter sizes  and 50m and 25m rolls.


    Available Sizes:Outer (mm):  Inner (mm): Product Code:
    75mm x 50m  7562  HRV001F
    75mm x 25m 7562HRV001F1
    90mm x 50m9078HRV002A
    90mm x 25m9078HRV002A1