PHS Solar Panels

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PHS Solar Panels – let us bring sunshine into your lives! Did you know that every hour the Earth is hit with more energy from the Sun than the entire world consumes in a year? Thanks to the availability of SEAI grants for PHS solar panels, solar energy is becoming the primary source of energy […]

MVHR Servicing and Maintenance by PHS

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A proper care for a long lifespan of your MHVR units. Planned maintenance is vital to ensure a flawless running of your ventilation system. While your MVHR system may be under warranty for the first couple of years, it is recommended to keep up a regular maintenance schedule at least once a year. Although some […]

Our Gerband 586 Tape

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We have some exciting news to share this week! One of our best-selling airtightness products has got the new looks: our Gerband 586 tape has changed its hermetic print. This is a very pliable polyethylene tape with an extremely adherent and moisture resistant polyacrylate adhesive with outstanding ageing resistance. It is used for bonding of […]

Loft Stairs and Access doors

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An escape hatch to energy savings! Lot Stairs and Access doors? An unfinished or not properly insulated attic can easily turn into a financially ungrateful space when it comes to considering your home’s energy savings. Oftentimes a staircase or a loft stairs leading to an attic can be particularly susceptible to energy leaking. If you […]