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Apollo Airtightness Membrane

At Passive House Systems, we are involved in Airtightness, Wind Tightness in new build and renovations since 2008. We provide a range of airtightness products, including airtightness tapes, membranes and sealants. Our products are European manufactured and are designed to achieve really high levels of air & wind tightness in buildings, while also providing you with a barrier against condensation and mould growth.

Our engineering and design team can help you design a system which helps you save on your energy bill, protect your home and ensure you are meeting current building regulation requirements. Our products are stocked in leading building merchants throughout Ireland. Get in touch with our team to find your nearest stockist. 

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Benefits of Airtightness

Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest challenges we are currently facing is climate change. How can we change our habits concerning energy consumption and be proactive with regard to new regulations? First steps regarding the current building stock are to use sustainable technologies and to save energy

Building Protection

One of the main reasons for producing an airtight building is to protect the structure against dampness originating from air leakages. The following two processes lead to the transmission of water vapour through the construction.

Thermal Comfort

The interior environment of buildings has become increasingly important. Providing protection from cold and heat is not enough – we also expect fresh air and excellent thermal comfort (i.e. constant air temperature and low airflow velocity all year round).


One of the main objectives of a building is the good health of its inhabitants. For a high level of comfort, a controlled air exchange of fresh outdoor air at regular intervals remains an important health practice. How can an airtight building shell with controlled ventilation actively participate in achieving this aim?