What is Airtightness System?

Efficient regulated indoor air ventilation can only be achieved if the building shell is airtight. In a droughty home, air can flow through cracks. Airtightness prevents air moving out of your home.
standard draught house
draught proof house

Why is it important?

The cost of energy has almost doubled in the past decade. Further increases in energy prices, supply shortfalls and uncertainty of supply, has increased the need for greater energy efficiency.
Preventing droughts means better living comfort and increased energy efficiency, which in turn leads to lower heating costs. It also protects the building against damage, helping to maintain its appearance and extending your homes life.

Ensuring excellent air quality in buildings requires a combination of high levels of airtightness and controlled ventilation to provide a constant supply of fresh, oxygen-rich air.
Passive House Systems Ltd have been working with builders and homeowners since 2006 to achieve higher levels of tightness in buildings. Consideration for airtightness should begin during the drawing phase. We can advise you on the best practice designs for airtightness, we provide product specific training, and we perform testing in accordance with ISO standards.
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