Airtightness Installer Training 2023

course covers the theory behind Airtightness and what it achieves. Our experts will explain air leakage points in new and existing buildings with correct installation practices.

PROMOTIONAL PRICE: €65.00 / per person

Start Time: 10:00AM
Finish Time: 15:00PM
Course Instructor: Brian
Training Locations:

  • 13/09/2023 – Unit 5B4, Link Road Business Park, 
    Ballincollig, Co. Cork, P31 W950
  • 13/07/2023 – Redletter, Breifne House, IDA Business Park, Longford, Co. Longford, N39 XY13
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Training Programme

Each participant receives a LABC installer certificate, product samples, a memory stick loaded with relative
information including airtightness video tutorials and direct contact with our engineers.

1. Theoretical Part:
– What is Airtightness and Vapour control.
– Why do we apply Airtightness/Vapour Control products.
– What is the difference between Air- and Wind-tightness.
– Airtightness Ventilation.
– Most common failure areas.

2. Solutions on Site:
– Designing Building and Testing for Airtightness.
– Airtightness details and solutions (Steel, Masonry & Timberframe).
– Air Testing and other Quality Control measures.
– Intelligent onsite solutions.
– Airtightness in the Irish context, present and future.

3. Practical Demonstration:
– Gerband Airtight demo house overview.
– Airtightness best practice detailing review.
– Gerband airtightness quality assessment.
– Identification of common leakage points in block and timberframe.

4. Practical Application of Products:
– Practical Airtightness installation with Gerband Airtightness membranes.
– Practical Airtightness to windows and membrane penetrations.
– Practical Wind-tightness installation.
– Summary/Questions and answers.

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Location: Unit 5B4, Link Road Business Park, Ballincollig, Cork, P31 W950

* Training will be held in accordance with Covid19 Guidelines. Do not attend the training if you have any of the below symptoms: high temperature, cough, breathing difficulty, sudden loss of sense of smell or taste, flu-like symptoms.

On arrival to the building, we will conduct a temperature check. Training will be held at our on-site warehouse to ensure maximum ventilation. Please ensure you wear your face mask when entering the building and when leaving the training area. Continue to wash and sanitize your hands regularly throughout the day. Lunch & tea/coffee will be provided however please ensure you dispose of all paper cups/plates/cutlery yourself in the bins provided.