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At Passive House Systems, we offer a wide range of Heat Recovery Ventilation units (HRV), Mechanical Units and Demand Control Ventilation, along with all the components you will need to complete your system.

Over the past decade there has been an increased demand on builders, architects and engineers to improve the thermal efficiency of our homes. Making them draught free and well insulated. This could lead to poor air quality and can significantly increase the effects of asthma and other respiratory problems, condensation, mould growth, unpleasant smells and a build up of toxic gases.

Domestic Ventilation Systems

Our products are designed to create a proper air circulation, and thus improve indoor living conditions. An efficient and reliable domestic ventilation system in Ireland can enhance the quality of air, reducing the number of spores, pollen and humidity. Such a solution is vital in rooms like bathrooms or kitchens. It also prevents mould growth on walls, floors and ceilings. All of these factors contribute to create a comfortable and healthy indoor climate. Thanks to clean and fresh ambient air, residents can avoid headaches, allergies or problems with asthma.

Benefits of HRV System

Heat recovery ventilation systems, also known as HRV systems provide home owners with optimal living conditions in each room of their home. The system recovers heat from air that evaporates from hot water that is used in kitchens and bathrooms and transfers this heat to the fresh air that is ventilated into the home. By reusing energy this system can save you money on both heating and cooling costs. Heat recovery ventilation systems are suitable for new and renovated passive houses.

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  • Cost-effective

Ventilation systems of the individual rooms are ready-to-use ventilation devices, continuously supplying fresh air, cleaning the air, and at the same time removing the exhaustion air from your rooms

  • Energy efficient

According to sustainable heat losses in every home, this technology for heat recovery is highly economical and modern.

  • Diverse

Ventilation devices are individual and useful in every phase of the projects, either when planning the ventilation equipment for new buildings, including post-fitting, as well as when renovating old buildings, or buildings, for which the central ventilation is economically inappropriate.

  • Highly effective

Efficiency of power generation with ventilation devices is very high, up to 90 %.

  • Easy and comfortable

Ventilation systems have a compact size and do not require separate connecting elements or air lines. They are ready for immediate use.

The operation of HRV System

 The ventilation system may operate in reverse mode with energy recovery or only in ventilation mode without energy recovery. 

Cycle I

The warm exhaust air is removed from the room through the ceramic heat collector. The exhaust air heats and moistens the ceramic heat collector and radiated up to 90% of the heat energy. After some time, the ceramic heat collector is warm enough and the ventilation system starts supplying the air.

Cycle II

Cold, fresh external air flows in through the ceramic heat collector, removing the stored heat and moisture until it reaches the room temperature. When the ceramic heat collector is cooled down, the ventilation system switches back to air exhaustion. Switching between the air supply and air exhaustion is repeated every 70 seconds.

Trade Ventilation Services

– Design layout with TGD-L Flow rates.

– Installation Training.      

– Commissioning Training.

– Fault Finding.

– Maintenance Training.  

– Ventilation Validation.  

Ventilation Services

System Design

We can design your ventilation system to meeting Irish building regulations and to ensure a healthy indoor air quality:

  • Heat Recovery & Ventilation (HRV)

  • Continuous Mechanical Extract Ventilation (cMEV)

  • Positive Input Ventilation (PIV)

Our design is done by our own in-house engineers with state of art design packages, with some input from external fire compliance engineers and equipment manufacturers. These people don’t just sit at desks, they are also involved in on-site consultations and commissioning.

What is the process?

1. Send us your plans and we will contact you to discuss and understand your budget and expectations.

2. We will return a FREE package cost estimation within two working days.

3. If we are successful with our proposal we will require a commitment to proceed and we complete a full CAD layout design, confirm initial package and/or discuss any design iterations with you.

4. You should advise us of your local builders providers with whom we work in partnership with to process the sale (payments are processed through your merchant, this gives you peace of mind as we have long established relationships with many very good quality Irish builders merchants).

5. Materials are delivered directly to your site, in some cases our experienced installation engineer can visit your site to verify the design and give installation guidance.

6. On completion we can offer a commissioning & customer hand-over service.

Installation Training

We provide installation training to trades people who want to offer our ventilation products as part of their offering in the future.

On successful completion that tradesperson becomes an “Approved Installer” and benefits from extended product warranties and product support.

We employ technicians who were previously involved in the installation of ventilation systems, these people’s experience is essential in successful installation training.

We instruct on:

1. Component variants & selection,

2. Robust installation,

3. Risk averseness -avoid potential problems during installation

4. Effective system commissioning,

5. System hand-over,

6. System Maintenance.

There is normally no charge for this service, please contact our offices for further information.

Commissioning & Handover

ventilation services

We will commission the system to achieve the TGD Part L regulations, and provide the necessary sign-off paperwork. This could include homeowner hand-over while we are onsite.

There is a separate charge for this service, please contact our offices for cost estimates.

Filter Change Reminder

We will contact yearly to advise that you filter needs changing, plus provide excellent value replacement filters -straight to your door.

We know the correct filter types for our customer machines and we strive to give excellent value for money and service.

There is no fee for this service and it is provided in the good faith that we can compete for your filter replacement business.

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