Solar PV Panels

The Solar Photovoltaic PV panels transform daylight directly into electricity and is a rapidly expanding market worldwide. The panels are producing DC voltage during daylight hours. It’s converted immediately to normal ESB compatible voltage and distributed throughout your property. It is possible to export the excess power back to the grid, or use it for space or water heating. The sun provides us with an unlimited and reliable source of free energy. Solar PV panels harness this free and natural energy and convert it into useful electricity.
Just imagine that you could get all your electricity from the panels during periods of the day.


solar pv panels

PV systems are suitable for commercial applications, new and existing dwellings. We design them basing on a customer’s budget, electricity needs, size/shape and a PV system of orientation of panel space.

In a typical 3 bed house (using 3290 k 1.5 – 2 kWp (about 12 to 15m2) could provide 50% of your annual electricity requirements. We provide installation services for: Existing houses, New developments, Bars & restaurants, Commercial buildings, Dairy farms, Pig & poultry farms, Shops & stores, Warehouses.

1)   Passive House Systems examines your energy consumptions and proposes a system to meet a percentage of that demand.
2)   Solar PV Modules are mounted on the best available roof space. (Special brackets can be installed for ground mounting).
3)   The solar inverter (converts DC voltage to AC voltage) is connected to the main distribution board.
4)  When the Solar PV Panels are producing more electricity than you use, the surplus is fed back to the grid or sent to an immersion/heater.
5)  At times of higher demand the shortfall is made up by power drawn from the grid.

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NSAI Agrément Certification

We are happy to announce that Passive House Systems has just been awarded the first ever NSAI Agrement Certificate for a solar PV system. It covers not just the panel itself but the inverter isolators, flat & pitched roof mounting systems, roof and membrane penetrations, installation, commission and handover.

Passive House Systems offers solar PV panels that are manufactured to the highest standards. All our PV panels are tested to the highest quality in NSAI & TUV audited factories and come with a 25-year production warranty as standard.

- EN 61215,
- CE Certified (EN 61730),
- MCS 010-1.5, MCS 005-2.3,
- EN ISO 9001 & 14001.

Download NSAI Certificate 18/0395 for a full range of panel types and properties.


PV Enquiry Form

Do you know the number of panels required? And what layout is required? e.g. 6no. panels, in 2 rows of 3.
Please provide, pitch of roof,length gable to gable without obstructions, depth of roof ridge to gutter.
Centre to Centre spacing between rafters (mm).
What is the distance from the electrical distribution board to the proposed inverter location?
What would be the distance from the furthest panel to the inverter?
Any further information that you think will be useful