Solar PV Kits

Solar Panel Kits

Let us do the heavy lifting for you:

Whether you are an experienced Solar PV installer or you are looking to install a system for the first time, our team will provide a full design and support service.


Our team will help you design a Solar PV system that meets your need, ensuring that you have the correct roof orientation and the right  system to meet your energy requirements . Each installation will come with a unique set of circumstances.

Our team can design a system for you, tailored to your requirements.

Technical Support: 

Our team will be on there to support you with advice and support should you require it. If you have any onsite issue during issues we will be right there for you.

Each of our Solar PV Kits contains the following components:


6 x 300 wp PHS Black Mono Solar PV Panels (2mx1m);

1 x Solis Mini 2kw 4G Inverter, with AC and DC isolators;

1 x Schletter PV Tile Bracket Kit;

1 x Cable set ( 10m AC cable, DC cable , DC MC4 connectors)


However, each installation will come its own unique circumstances. Our Team can design a system that is tailored to your requirements.

All new building must meet the following minimum provision of installed renewable energies:
  • 4 Kwh/m2/ annum of renewable electrical energy or
  • 10kwh/m2/ annum renewable heat contributing to energy use for domestic hot water heating.
  • A combination of these that would have the equivalent effect.
By installing one of our Solar PV kits, you can ensure that your building complies with Part L of the building regulations.


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Sally Burke

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Jason Healy

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