Vent-Flex Ventilation Pipe


Smarter ventilation pipe

The Vent-Flex product range extends from the ventilation unit to the antimicrobial ventilation pipe. Vent-Flex delivers complete systems in a modular design so that they can be individually adapted for each building. Thanks to the built-in heat recovery, up to 90% of thermal energy is extracted from the air outlet in order to pre-warm fresh air from outside. Exceptional material properties guarantee impeccable quality and a long service life. Thanks to innovative technical solutions the air is distributed calmly, quietly and in a controlled manner.

The construction of the ventilation system

Efficient assembly and easy operability minimize the installation cost. The integrated constant volume flow control means that time-consuming adjustment of the system is not required.

Technical Details


  • Cost efficient with regards heating and energy costs,
  • Clean and healthy air,
  • No disruptive noise thanks to the built-in acoustic insulation systems,
  • The air is distributed calmly, quietly and in a controlled manner,
  • easy assembling,
  • Space-saving, can be optimally adapted for every building,
  • Special environmentally friendly polyethylene (PE),
  • high chemical resistance,
  • Including heat recovery,
  • Integrated, high quality pollen filter,
  • Long service life,
  • Pipes are very flexible,
  • odor inhibiting.



  • 75 x 6,5
  • 90 x 7,5