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PHS Wolfy Joining Tape

PHS Wolfy Tape

Single-sided adhesive tape for interior and exterior use according to DIN 4108 Teil 11. For the durable bonding of commercial vapour control layers and membranes and for the windproof attachment of roofing underlay, roofing membranes and façade membranes. Perfect for partly open façades. Application based on our product overview.

Adhesive:acrylate dispersion, solvent-free EC1Plus
Adhesive coating:230g/m2, or customized
Processing temperature:from -10 °C
Temperature resistance:-40 °C to +100 °C Storage at 15 – 25 °C with rH 40 – 60 %
Carrier material:UV-stabilised special foil
Liner:silicon paper
Adhesive strength:DIN EN 1939 ca. 35 N/25mm
Thickness: 0,30mm (without liner):DIN EN 1939 ca. 35 N/25mm 0,30mm (without liner)


Detach release paper | centre on the overlap and affix | gradually peel off the release paper and adhere the tape whilst keeping it tension- and wrinkle-free | rub on firmly and vigorously | not to be used below a 10° roof pitch | maximal outdoor exposure 24 months

60mm x 25m