Gerband 670 Joints Sealing Tape



Gerband 670 Joints Sealing Tape is a frost and heat resistant sealing tape

Gerband 670 Joints Sealing Tape has a very high ageing resistance for storm-proof adhesion. It is used as jointing and sealing tape in construction for easy handling without supporting lath.


  • Scrim.


  • Combination of two adhesive systems in one tape,
  • Butyl rubber adhesive (to the substrate),
  • Extra thick (thickness 2.8 mm; widths 20.0 mm),
  • Levels unvenness,
  • Ensures quick sealing,
  • Polyacrylic adhesive (to the roofing underlay or vapour barrier),
  • High intial adhesion as well as very high tack,
  • Permanent bonding to unpolar substrates.

Release liner

  • Siliconized PET film.

Special features

  • Very high ageing resistance,
  • Frost resistant and heat resistant,
  • Storm-proof adhesion.


  • Butyl rubber adhesive black,
  • Polyacrylic adhesive transparent.

Technical Details

Total thickness (DIN EN 1942)*:     
3,0 mm
Peel strength (IPM 5009)**:           >30 N / 25 mm
Material:                                           Butyl rubber adhesive
Peel strength (IPM 5009)**:           >30 N / 25 mm
Temperature range:                         -30C to +80C
                                                          at increasing temperature the adhesive mass
                                                          becomes softer and stickier
Core diameter:                                    76.5 mm


*according to the respective DIN **at 100 mm/min, 90C peel



  • Jointing and sealing tape for outdoor and indoor use in construction and refurbishment,
  • Bonding, mounting, and sealing of roofing underlays and vapour barriers to adjacent construction components,
  • Quick and easy handling solution without supporting lath,
  • Apply at temperatures from +5C to +40C,
  • Surfaces must be dry and free of release agents, grease, oil, tensides, dirt, and dust,
  • Preconditioning of porous or sandy subsurfaces recommended (with Gerband Butyl-Primer 6000 or Gerband Primer 6300),
  • To be bonded as tension-free as possible and rubbed adequately onto surfaces,
  • The adhesion may be improved by applying higher pressure,
  • Not to be used for bondings under mechanical load,
  • Due to eventual plasticizer migration, the product‘s suitability on plastics and rubber mis to be tested,
  • Not resistant against oil, many organic solvents, e.g. mineral spirits,
  • Store in dry rooms from +5C to +25C, protected from UV-radiation.


Roll length m:
Roll width mm:         40
Rolls per carton:       5