Gerband 566 Soft PVC Tape

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Gerband 566 soft PVC tape is a tenacious and tear resistant soft tape with a cold, heat and acid resistance.

This PVC Tape is aggressively adherent natural rubber adhesive. It is used by painters and plasterers for masking purposes as well as a surface-marking tape in warehouses, in production and sports facilities.



  • Natural rubber adhesive,
  • Very aggressively adherent,
  • Moisture resistant, waterproof,
  • Cold resistant,
  • Heat resistant,
  • Resistant against acids, oils and many other chemicals.

Special features

  • Ageing resistant,
  • To tear easily by hand perpendicularly along the grooves.


  • White,
  • Yellow.

Technical Details

Total thickness (DIN EN 1942)*:  
             0.16 mm

Tensile strength (DIN EN 14410)*:            > 50 N / 25 mm
Elongation at break (DIN EN 14410)*:      80 – 120 %
Adhesion (DIN EN 1939)*:                         > 2,0 N / 25 mm
Temperature range:                                   -5C to +60 C
Core diameter:                                            76.5 mm

*according to the respective DIN



  • For short-term masking purposes by painters and plasterers,
  • Surface-marking tape in warehouses as well as in production and sports facilities,
  • Apply at temperatures from +5C to +40C,
  • Store in dry rooms from +5C to +25C, protected from UV-radiation.


Roll length m:
        33      33      33      33
Roll width mm:      25      50      75     100
Rolls per carton:    72      36      24      18