Ozeo E Ecowatt 2

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A DCV unit ensure permanent renewal of air in single dwelling houses or multi-dwelling blocks (individually). The unit is complemented with self adjusting extraction BAR valves, (installed in
kitchen, toilets, bathrooms) and self regulated air inlets located in the main rooms (dining rooms, bedrooms).

A DCV unit, provides you with the right amount of air just when you need it most. When a room is occupied, its relative humidity increases and activates the humidity sensors, the air inlets then open to increase airflow and evacuate stale air. When carrying out any activity which emits indoor air pollution, such as taking a shower or cooking a meal, the DCV unit can generate more power to remove pollution quickly.


  • Three-speed motor (two of them are adjustable).
  • 4 Ø125 mm extract air spigots, to use in bathrooms and kitchens. Include gasket and pivoting 90º possibility.
  • 1 Ø125 mm outlet spigot pivoting 360º.
  • 3 caps to seal unused spigots.
  • 1 template to facilitate fitting on the ceiling or wall.
  • Wireless proportional CO2 sensor for OZEO-E ECOWATT CONTROL CO2 model.
  • Wireless remote control with 3 speeds for OZEO-E ECOWATT 2 RF model.


Technical Data

Flow rate ( 0 Pa) (m3/h): 426/327/241

Power Consumption (W): 48/25/15.5

Voltage (V): 23

Current (A): 40/0.23/0.15

Pipe Diameter (connection) (mm): 125

Weight (kg): 4