Blauberg Vento Expert Duo A30-1 W


Blauberg Vento Expert DUO wall mounted heat recover units are extremely efficient at recovering heat and energy from air that is normally extracted from a bathroom, kitchen, utility room or office.

Vento DUO units are also extremely versatile and work very effectively as a single room heat and energy recovery unit or collectively as part of a whole house system. Up to 12 units can work together using WiFi communication to ventilate your whole house. This is not only an effective ventilation system, it is a complete decentralised option for easy retrofitting or if a central loft mounted option is not possible.

Vento DUO unit work by continually extracting stale, moist air and delivering fresh heated air. After 70 second, the cycle reverses and repeats itself.

Collectively, along with Vento DUO heat recovery units for your bathrooms, toilets and utility room, an effective and thermally efficient system can be achieved. Please contact us for help, advice and design.

Technical Data

Weight: 1.0000

Brand: Blauberg

EAN Number: 5060503625310

Motor Type: EC   

Specific Fan Power: N/A

Electrical Supply:  1 Phase 220/250 50/60Hz

Size: 100mm Dia

Ingress Protection (IP) Rating: IP X4

Control Options: Standard

Energy Rating: ERP 2018