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FK8259 – Integrated Collector (Flat Plate) Solar PV Panels

Designed for application where costs, aesthetics, performance and robustness are paramount. The accompanying flashing kits compliments the sleek timber housing, providing a water and wind tight assembly on slate, flat tile or rolling tile roof finishes. All components are easily fitted, retrofitted and replaced.


– MCS BBA Cert 01ested ISO-2975.

-Impact tested ISO-2975.

-Firetested BF 476-3:2004 classification to EN13501-5-B (Roof).

-Various integration kits available.

Self Cleaning and anti reflective.


– Aesthetically pleasing.

-Very robust with long service life.

-Excellent solar yield performance.

-No visible hydraulics.

-Easily retrofitted and replaced.

-Low maintenance (self cleaning glass)




Dimensions: (L x W x D)2153 x 173 x 83
Gross Area:2.52m2
Aperture Area:2.39m2
Total Weight :36kg
Liquid Content:1.48L
Type of Construction:Flat Plate collector for in-roof assembly 2 connectors on
Collector connection:2 connectors on top 3/4″
Absorper Type:Harp Absorber from copper or Aluminium Flat Seal Male.
Absorption:Highly selective
Impact of strength of the covering:low iron, structured, solar safety glass (ESG)
Heat Insulation:Fulfills requirements of EN 12975-2
Collector Case:Mineral wool 50mm
Efficiency:Aluminium, sides and back
Heat Transmission coefficient k1:80.5%
Heat Transmission coefficient k2:3.35W/(m3 x K)
Max stagnation temperature:181 Deg C
Certification:10 bar

Solar Key Mark

EN 12975-2