Anti-microbial Ventilation Pipe


Flexible ventilation pipe made of Polymer modified with silver ions, according to DIN EN 61386-24.

Ventilation pipe with certified anti-microbial properties, for supply and exhaust pipe in premises featured with a central ventilation system.

Corrugated pipe with smooth inner pipe surface; hygienically tested, duct with protection cap, pipe resistant against external loads, sound-absorbing.

Technical Details


  • Material: Polymer, modified with silver ions,
  • Flammability: UL94 HB,
  • Max. length of use: 15m,
  • Min. operating temperature: -5C,
  • Max. temperature load: +50C,
  • Min. installation length: 5m,
  • External storage: max. 6 months under direct sunlight,
  • Easy assembling,
  • Space-saving, can be optimally adapted for every building,
  • Long service life,
  • Pipes are very flexible.



  • 75 x 7,0
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