45 Degree Elbow Bend

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45 Degree Elbow Bend

45 degree elbow bend. Robust, versatile and easy to fit to solid plastic, flexible or insulated ducting giving you the ability to make a soft radius 45 degree bend in any ventilation ducting system.

Using 45 degree bend in sets of two will increase airflow, reduce noise and the running costs of your extractor fan. This is particularly important when extracting stale, humid air from you kitchen, bathroom toilet or utility rooms with inline fans.

Please also see our flat plastic ducting range which is great for use in tight spots, small void spaces and behind kitchen cupboards due its its low profile.

    • Smooth internal bore for reduced airflow resistance, noise and overall efficiency.
    • Manufactured from UV protected white PVC plastic.
    • Full range of ancillary items available such as bends, connectors and, grilles and joints.