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Single Room HRV

Single Room Heat Recovery units supplied by Passive House Systems.
The perfect Retrofit solution.
A Single Room Heat Recovery unit is a ventilation unit that is applied through the wall and is designed for a one-room installation. It works in the same way as the whole house solution, by extracting moist air and supplying fresh air that has been warmed by the heat exchange cell. Single room HRV units are also an ideal solution to replacing old extract fans and provide a much more energy efficient solution.

Through the process of retrofitting, the housing envelope becomes increasingly airtight. There is a greater need to extract stale air and provide fresh air throughout the home. Installing a whole house HRV system can, under certain circumstances, involve extensive building strip outs, which can take time and be quite expensive.

Decentralised single room heat recovery, can provide a convenient solution. The unit can be installed through an external wall and multiple units can be interconnected to provide a whole house solution.

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