Meet the Team

     Sally Burke 
Centre Manager

Sally holds a degree from UCC in Sociology and Computer Science. She has a background in industry management, administration and sales for the past 25 years. Sally has acted as project lead on many large construction sites and specialises in running Sales and Customer Service teams.

Tel. 021/4872664 or 0873501791
Email: sally(at)

Jason Healy
UK & Ireland Sales Manager  

Jason has been working on various construction projects in Ireland, UK and Germany for over 32 years. He specialises in airtightness, building and insulation and has an ability to oversee the contract and audit works carried out by contractors, to comply with SEAI regulations.

Tel. 021/4872664 or 087 2719090
Email: jason(at)

Bernie Cronin
Office Administrator & Purchasing Department

Bernie is responsible for Office administration, purchasing, sales and associated logistics. Bernie has a Degree in Maths & Sociology from UCC and has worked in similar industries in the past 15 years. She is Customer Service oriented and very well organised person.

Tel. 021/4872664 or 0333/8802347
Email: orders(at)

Joey Geluk 
Renewable Energy Engineer

Joey is passionate about technology and solutions for domestic and commercial, renewable energy generation and energy efficiency products. He has a degree in Renewable Energy from C.I.T.

Tel. 021/4872664 or 0870670104
Email: joey(at)

Agata Szczot
Marketing Executive  

Agata is a passionate and creative team-player, responsible for our online and print presence. She has a Master Degree in Marketing & Social Communication and over 10 years of experience in New Media Management.

Tel. 021/4872664
Email: agata(at)

Maximillian Ellermann
Product Engineer

Max holds a Degree in Industrial Engineering from the EAH Jena Germany. He specializes in new product development, testing and evaluation with certified European laboratories and corresponds with our suppliers in Germany.

Tel. 021/4872664
Email: max(at)

Donna O'Donnovan 
Customer Services Executive  

Donna has ten years experience in various sales development roles, having worked on many high profile campaigns. She specialises in evaluating customer’s needs, developing and implementing various sales strategies.

Tel. 021/4872664
Email: donna(at)