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We are involved in Airtightness, Wind Tightness and Insulation in new build and renovations since 2008. With engineering and logistical bases in Cork and Essex, Passive House Systems provides a first class service, supplying quality Air Tightness and Vapour Control Systems.  The products are designed to meet the continuously evolving requirements of the construction industry. We are proud to be the sole distributors of the Gerband and Bosig Airtightness, Wind tightness and Insulation range of products in Ireland and the UK. The Gerband Air Tightness and Vapour Control system is design to make a building airtight. Airtightness is the control of the elimination of unwanted draughts through the external fabric of the building envelope. This will be achieved by the correct and proper installation of an air tight vapour controlling system. We are constantly listening to our various customer types and improving our product range to meet increased levels of air tightness and vapour control.

Air Tightness, Wind Tightness, Insulation

Our commitment to keeping pace with this progress has led to the company's expansion, today encompassing the following divisions:

While headquartered in Essex we provide an unrivaled service to our customers in the UK and Ireland, especially with product support and supply. 

Our Team

- Patrick Wycherley – Managing Director  

Patrick has an honours Master Degree from the University of Limerick in Environment Engineering, he also has an honours primary degree in Electronics, again from the University of Limerick. Patrick worked previously in many projects especially in roles of product developments and project management.

Tel. 021/4872664 or 0333/8802347
Email: patrick(at)

- Jason Healy – UK & Ireland Sales Manager  

Jason has been working on various construction projects in Ireland, UK and Germany. He specialises inAirtightness and has an ability to oversee the contract and audit works carried out by contractors, to comply with SEAI regulations.

Tel. 021/4872664 or 0333/8802347
Email: jason(at)

- Sally Burke – Centre Manager  

Sally holds a degree from UCC in Sociology and Computer Science. She has an extensive background in industry management/ administration/ production/ sales for the past 25 years. Sally has acted as project lead on many large construction sites and specialises in running Sales and Customer Service teams.

Tel. 021/4872664 or 0333/8802347
Email: sally(at)

- Tony Ruth – Technical Sales Engineer   

Tony is responsible for all of the technical sales enquiries. He has got a degree in Social Science and Sustainable Energy Engineering.

Tel. 021/4872664 or 0333/8802347
Email: tony(at)

- Agata Szczot – Marketing Executive  

Agata is a passionate and creative team-player, responsible for our online and print presence. She has a Master Degree in Marketing & Social Communication and over 10 years of experience in New Media Management.

Tel. 021/4872664 or 0333/8802347
Email: agata(at)


- Bernie Cronin – Office Administrator & Purchasing Department

Bernie is responsible for purchasing & associated logistics. Bernie has a Degree in Maths & Sociology from UCC and has worked in similar industries in the past 10 years.

Tel. 021/4872664 or 0333/8802347
Email: orders(at) or orders(at)